Autumn Meeting held 2nd September 2019

88 ladies booked to play in the Autumn Meeting held at Kilworth Springs on 2nd September 2019. The results of the 4 ball better-ball competition were as follows:



1st Place and Winners of the Renee Shipman Trophy

  • Jane Leigh                                           Beedles Lake                                     41 points
  • Ruth Sinclair                                       Beedles Lake

2nd Place             

  • Helen Adams-Brown                        Hinckley                                             39 points
  • Denise Mather                                  Hinckley

3rd Place              

  • Wendy Greenlees                             Luffenham Heath                            37 points                          
  • Carol Richardson                              Luffenham Heath

4th Place              

  • Bubbles Emmett                               Lutterworth                                       36 points
  • Liz Toney                                            Lutterworth

5th Place              

  • Rita Fricker                                        Lingdale                                               36 points (OCB)                               
  • Adrianne Jones                                 Lingdale