The Association has a range of merchandising that is sourced from GLENMUIR. This is available for purchase at trophy events and at the AGM.

The merchandising is of good quality and is available in navy and white with the Association’s logo. The products are available at a reasonable cost to members of the Association. 

Our contact at Glenmuir has created a bespoke order form with the following link to their website to enable ladies to place orders for the products available to the Association.

You may place orders for products and these will be held until there are at least 12 which will then be processed. This number of products will not incur the additional £6.10 small order handling and cresting charges. 

A gillet is also available but not listed on the order form. The cost of this new product is £50

Please be aware that there is a reservation about Glenmuir's claim that the "small products will fit a person who is 5 foot 10 inches tall". Our experience is that the products may be "short in the arm" for a tall person. 

Ladies should wear these products or wear navy shorts, trousers or skorts with white shirts and navy sweaters or other tops when playing in matches for the Association.