Wendy Johnson Trophy Winners

Spring Meeting – The Wendy Johnson Trophy

Year Winner(s)
2024 Mrs P Formoy, Mrs J Holley, Mrs W Quilter of Kibworth
2023 Mrs J Pepper, Mrs C Russell, Mrs S Smith of Cosby
2022 Mrs J Dawson, Mrs A Taylor, Mrs D Wood of Kirby Muxloe
2021 Event Cancelled Due to Coronavirus
2020 Event Cancelled Due to Coronavirus
2019 Mrs J Heaney, Mrs F Howkins, Mrs M Jarvis of The Leicestershire
2018 Mrs H Adams-Brown, Mrs A Knight, Mrs J Matharu of Hinckley
2017 Mrs S Thurman, Mrs A O’Meara, Mrs D Michalska of Charnwood Forest
2016 Mrs C O’Neil, Mrs P Formoy, Mrs A Picken of Kibworth
2015 Mrs M Moakes, Mrs S Ayre, Mrs C Savage of Park Hill
2014 Mrs P Hall, Mrs M Park, Mrs L Powell of Birstall
2013 Mrs D Godwin
2012 Mrs P Ellard
2011 Mrs S Spedding
2010 Mrs S Pretty
2009 Mrs VR Taylor
2008 Mrs P Baggott
2007 Mrs W Miller
2006 Mrs CE Cooper
2005 Mrs DP Brown
2004 Mrs M Theakston
2003 Mrs D Godwin
2002 Mrs MM Park
2001 Mrs V A Wilford
2000 Mrs MM Coverdale
1999 Mrs S Spedding
1998 Mrs P Truslove
1997 Mrs S Stimson
1996 Mrs S Booth
1995 Mrs P Martin
1994 Mrs GW Greenlees
1993 Mrs FV Brook
1992 Mrs PN Fox
1991 Mrs RE Toon
1990 Mrs DW Sleath
1989 Mrs J Mugridge
1988 Event Cancelled
1987 Mrs DA Sturton 
1986 Mrs DA Sturton
1985 Mrs N Eastabrook
1984 Mrs D Evans
1983 Mrs J Morgan 
1982 Mrs J Morgan
1981 Mrs P Martin
1980 Mrs R Shipman
1979 Mrs FV Brook
1978 Mrs DJ Herbert
1977 Mrs H Woods
1976 Mrs JH Anderson
1975 Mrs DA Sturton
1974 Mrs E Martin
1973 Mrs AD McClean