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President's Day at Belton Park 24th June 2021

Belton Park is the venue for President's Day in 2021. This year it will be jointly hosted by Helen Buckingham and Glenda Yeldham, who was President in 2020. 

The format for the event is a friendly AM AM and the pairs have now been drawn. The committee have agreed to 95% handicap allowance. Players will be responsible for confirming their handicap index on the day. The committee will check the winning team's handicaps after play.  

The start sheet is available to view under Trophy Events Information and also Trophy Events Entry Forms.  Please note that there is a two-tee start.

Bacon rolls will be served along with tea or coffee from 9.30am and there will be a rolling buffet available when players return to the clubhouse. 

We look forward to welcoming you all to Belton Park on Thursday 24th June 2021

2021 Spring Meeting at Rothley Park Cancelled

It is very disappointing but yet again due to the Coronavirus the Spring Meeting at Rothley Park has been cancelled. The three months lockdown and continued restrictions have resulted in this difficult decision being made. 

On a more positive note, we are delighted to report that Rothley Park will now be the venue for our Autumn Meeting in 2022. 

With restrictions scheduled to be lifted through the coming weeks we are hopeful that our future matches and events will be able to go ahead as planned. 

We look forward to seeing many of you playing in our events planned through the remained of the year


Zoom AGM held Thursday 11th February 2021

The 48th AGM was held on Thursday 11th February 2021. This Zoom AGM was organised by the Association meet the obligations of the Constitution and to elect the Council members for the coming year.  

All but one of the Council members for 2020 were joined by four incoming members of the Council for 2021 at this AGM meeting. The AGM was attended by 35 members in total, many were present as representatives acting on behalf of the members of their golf clubs.

After reports were read by the President, Treasurer and Secretary the election of Officers took place.

The Council for 2021 consists:

President:                               Helen Buckingham of Hinckley  

Vice-President:                      Pam Hall of Rutland Water                     

Treasurer:                               Elaine Wesley of Glen Gorse      

Secretary:                               Lynda Bramley of Beedles Lake 

Council Members:                Julia Dunkley of Kibworth

                                                 Jane Linsley of Glen Gorse

                                                 Pauline Milner of Charnwood Forest

Joining the Council:                Sandra Baum of Hinckley

                                                   Sheila Major of Kilworth Springs

Stepping down this year were: Glenda Yeldham as President, Lyneve McLoughlin as Treasurer, Carol Devonport and Angela Fox as Council members. We would like to thank Glenda, Lyneve, Carol and Angela for their hard work over the last two years whilst in office, working for the members of Association but we hope that you have enjoyed the experience.     

The AGM minutes have now been posted to the website. Go to "About us/AGM and Minutes"  

We wish all our members, safe and happy golfing for 2021.

Merchandising - Now Available Through this Website

With the lockdown during 2020 we were not been able to host our usual events. Even during 2021 there may be restrictions to how we are able to show and try on products at meetings. To enable members to purchase our merchandising these may now be ordered through this website.

Go to the "About Us" and pull up the sub-menu for "Merchandising" and follow the link on this page to the Glenmuir site.  The link shows the products available and details of the sizes directly from the Glenmuir site. 

Payment for products is required prior to delivery. This can be by either BACS or by cheque made payable to L&RLCGA. 

We hope that this facility will be of interest to our members.

Competition Entry Forms Available for 2021 Trophy Events

As a result of the January lockdown members may not receive their fixture cards in the usual timely manner (these are usually distributed at the AGM). Fixture cards will be sent to the club representatives but as golf clubs are closed this means that members cannot meet up to receive these.

Entry forms for our trophy events have been added to the website for members to print and complete. You will find these under the heading for Trophy Events/Entry Forms.

We are planning for members to print the forms from the website and send the completed entry together with a cheque to the person nominated to organise each competition. Cheques will not be cashed until we are sure that the event will be taking place. In the event that the competition is cancelled cheques will be destroyed or returned to the person who submitted the entry form.   

 We hope that golf will continue to be played through the year and that our events will take place but we are making these plans to assist our members. 

Stay safe and we hope to see you all during this year

Agenda for the AGM Planned 11th February 2021

The Annual General Meeting will be held as a Zoom meeting on Thursday 11th February 2021 at 2.00pm.

This will be held via the internet for a single representative from each club to participate with the Council members for 2020 and incoming Council members for 2021 and will be confirmed via an email invitation to each participant who will join the Zoom meeting.

If any member wants to input to the AGM please do this via your club representative who will be nominated prior to the AGM.

The minutes of the 47th AGM held in February 2020 are also available to view on our website. These are detailed under the heading About Us/AGM and Minutes


1         Apologies

2         Minutes of the 47th Annual General Meeting

3         Matters arising

4         President’s Report

5         Treasurer’s Report

6         Secretary’s Report

7         Election of Officers and Council Members

8         Fixtures for 2021

9         A.O.B.


Two new committee members will be announced for a two-year term of office starting in February 2021.

The annual subscription of £2.00 is payable by 1st FEBRUARY 2021 and should be paid to the Club Lady Captain or the designated representative. This must be paid before any member of the Association is eligible to play an event or match.

Any member intending to resign should have given notice to this effect to the Secretary on or before 31st December 2020

Any minor proposals or inputs from members should be received, in writing, by the Secretary seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Lynda Bramley                                                                                            


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