Competition Entry Forms Available for 2021 Trophy Events

As a result of the January lockdown members may not receive their fixture cards in the usual timely manner (these are usually distributed at the AGM). Fixture cards will be sent to the club representatives but as golf clubs are closed this means that members cannot meet up to receive these.

Entry forms for our trophy events have been added to the website for members to print and complete. You will find these under the heading for Trophy Events/Entry Forms.

We are planning for members to print the forms from the website and send the completed entry together with a cheque to the person nominated to organise each competition. Cheques will not be cashed until we are sure that the event will be taking place. In the event that the competition is cancelled cheques will be destroyed or returned to the person who submitted the entry form.   

 We hope that golf will continue to be played through the year and that our events will take place but we are making these plans to assist our members. 

Stay safe and we hope to see you all during this year