Zoom AGM held Thursday 11th February 2021

The 48th AGM was held on Thursday 11th February 2021. This Zoom AGM was organised by the Association meet the obligations of the Constitution and to elect the Council members for the coming year.  

All but one of the Council members for 2020 were joined by four incoming members of the Council for 2021 at this AGM meeting. The AGM was attended by 35 members in total, many were present as representatives acting on behalf of the members of their golf clubs.

After reports were read by the President, Treasurer and Secretary the election of Officers took place.

The Council for 2021 consists:

President:                               Helen Buckingham of Hinckley  

Vice-President:                      Pam Hall of Rutland Water                     

Treasurer:                               Elaine Wesley of Glen Gorse      

Secretary:                               Lynda Bramley of Beedles Lake 

Council Members:                Julia Dunkley of Kibworth

                                                 Jane Linsley of Glen Gorse

                                                 Pauline Milner of Charnwood Forest

Joining the Council:              Sandra Baum of Hinckley

                                                Sheila Major of Kilworth Springs

Stepping down this year were: Glenda Yeldham as President, Lyneve McLoughlin as Treasurer, Carol Devonport and Angela Fox as Council members. We would like to thank Glenda, Lyneve, Carol and Angela for their hard work over the last two years whilst in office, working for the members of Association but we hope that you have enjoyed the experience.     

The AGM minutes have now been posted to the website. Go to "About us/AGM and Minutes"  

We wish all our members, safe and happy golfing for 2021.